Youth Evangelism

May 19, 2014

Youth Evangelism

            Pastors, churches and Christians need to wake up to the urgency of reaching young people with the gospel.  The youth are the future of our churches.  Without them our churches will die.  The annihilation of Christianity could be only one generation away.  Are we aware of that?  If so, why isn’t more being done about it?

Yes, it’s true that many young people have been spoiled rotten.  All they are interested in  is food, fun, and games.  Many parents have failed to instill character in their children.  However, not all parents are to blame.  Many Christian parents know the heart break of seeing their children repudiate the truths they hold dear and reject the only wise God.  They need the help of churches and Christian leaders to rescue their children.

Many young people have been deceived by the teaching they have received in school. It gives them reason to doubt and reject the teaching of Christianity.  The teaching of naturalism gives them reason to think that science has proven beyond a shadow of doubt that the Bible isn’t true when it comes to science.  They have heard that teaching over and over again.  Seldom have they heard the other side of the argument.  They aren’t sufficiently grounded in the truths of God’s Word to be able to defend themselves. Proverbs 1:4 tells us that it is our duty “To give subtilty to the simple, to the young man knowledge and discretion.”  Verse 5 tells us why. “A wise man will hear, and will increase learning; and a man of understanding shall attain unto wise counsels.”

Before we can attempt to win most modern young people to Christ we have to convince them of the truth of creationism.  There are some good Christian organizations that have some excellent material available to expose the fallacy of evolution.  The following are the two best known:

Answers in Genesis

P.O. box 510

Hebron, Ky. 41048


The Institute for Creation Research

P.O. Box 59029

Dallas, Tx. 75229

These groups have books, magazines, and audio-visuals available.  We need to expose young people to these materials

Perhaps churches should organize monthly Saturday youth rallies with sister churches of like faith and practice.  It can be in a different church each time.  In preparation for the rally the young people can prepare special music, readings, or skits.  When possible, an enthusiastic outside speaker who knows how to communicate with young people  could be invited.  Otherwise, the pastors of the churches involved can prepare messages designed to answer questions young people have.  On occasion, videos from the above mentioned groups could be shown.  Enthusiasm would need to be built up among the young people.  They would need to be encouraged in invite their friends outside the church.  It seems as though young people always have an empty stomach, so food needs to be included.  Older people in the church could be involved in bringing and serving the food

Some Christian youth organizations of the past have self-destructed because they went overboard in trying to entertain young people and didn’t have enough spiritual content.  There needs to be some humor and fun in a youth rally, but not so much that young people come just for that.  Let them know that the reason for the rally is to communicate a message that young people need to hear

Summer camps for young people are an excellent way of teaching them spiritual truths.    They need to be well planned and properly supervised.  Just one week of camp a year isn’t enough.  It needs to be followed up by getting them in church regularly.

Young people aren’t being taught to think in school.  They are expected to accept what is being taught without asking any questions.  Years ago schools had debating teams and the students were judged according to their ability to come up with an answer when their argument was challenged.  We need to challenge young people to think for themselves.  For example, I like to put this question to them.  “If it’s true that human beings evolved for apes and monkeys, why do we still have apes and moneys?  Why did some get left behind?”  I find that most young people have never thought about that.

Young people need to be convinced that it does make a difference what we believe.  If the Bible is true, and our origin goes back to God and creation, that answers questions about who we are and why we are here.  That gives us direction about how we should order our lives in society.  If we were created by a transcendent God for a purpose, then we need to ask, what is that purpose and how should we fulfill it?  That gives us direction in life and reason for living.

On the other hand, if naturalism is true, then there is no objective basis for morality.  Morality is nothing more than what appears to be true in our minds when we have evolved to a certain level.  Morality is subjective.  Everyone is free to decide what he thinks is true.  In modern classrooms, skepticism is applied in regard to objective truth.  The only objective truth they accept is that there is no objective truth.

We are reaping the fruit of subjective morality.  Many young people are convinced that there is no objective moral truth.  They says, “I have a right to live my life anyway I want to and no one has a right to hinder me.” That leaves them free to ruin their lives with drugs, alcohol and illicit sex.  The disaster that results from that moral philosophy is evident to any who will take time to consider it.

Our negligence in reaching out to our young people leaves our churches and Christianity without a future.  It also leaves our young people and the future generation on a downward slope that leads to chaos and calamity.  To comprehend the problem facing us and do nothing to solve the problem leaves us guilty of contributing to the problem.  What do you do when you see people on a course that will lead them to grief, pain, and shame?  To remain silent and give them no warning is to consent to their downfall.

Young people need to know that we care; that we love them.  They need to know that we want the best for them.    Christian young people need lots of help in this wicked world.  They need friends who are mature Christians who are willing to listen to their questions and give them guidance.

How can we help them?  What should we do?   What is being done? Please circulate this article among other Christian leaders.  If you have suggestions, let them be known and they will be added to this article.

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