Why Missions

April 10, 2016

                                    Why Missions?

Why do some men and women go out to battle against the elements, ignorance, superstition, language barriers, and tropical diseases?  Why do they exchange the comforts of home for the stench and filth of a pagan society?  Are they psychological misfits seeking to escape from the demands of modern society?  All evidence points to the contrary.

The impact of their lives proves that they are sent out by God to represent Him in lands where the darkness is most intense.  They have felt a divine calling and have found a divine enablement.

They have gone forth with a Bible in their hand to make its age-old message ring in the ears of some who have never heard it.  They have gone through the streets of the villages telling them how God sent His Son to redeem sinners.

They don’t go with intentions of transforming society.  That transformation comes, however, as an ever increasing number accept the invitation of the gospel and abandon their evil habits.

What are you doing for missions?  Someone has noted that Americans spend more money for dog food than for missions.  Very few get excited about missions unless they have experienced the joy of salvation themselves.  Then they have a desire that others know about it too.

It is highly possible that many bush people in Africa are experiencing more of the joy of the Lord than multitudes of Americans who have no time for God.  How about you?

Added note by author

The above article was written back in 1968 when I was pastoring a church in North English, Iowa.  It was one of a series of articles published in the North English Record.  After my wife and I spent nearly 40 years on the mission field of Argentina, we can honestly say that we have no regrets.  Yes, there were some sacrifices we had to make, but it was a rewarding life.  We enjoyed it.  Our six children grew up in Argentina.  They were home schooled.  All of them are living an honorable productive life.  All of them have an active part in a church.  Three of them are full time missionaries.  Those who surrender their life to the Lord, to do his will, aren’t fools.


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