The Thinker and the Tinker

February 24, 2016

                              The Thinker and the Tinker

Thinker and Tinker are brothers.  They have the same parents and live in the same house.  They get along well, but they don’t think alike.  Their names aren’t really Thinker and Tinker, but I have given them those names to illustrate the contrast between the two.  I trust you understand what a thinker is.  A tinker is a name that is often given to one who occupies much of this time in things that aren’t of great importance.  Originally the word referred to one who mended metal pots and pans.  The two boys go to the same school, but Thinker is a year ahead of Tinker.

When they get home from school Thinker most often sits down to do his homework.  Tinker likes to go down the street to play marbles with some of his friends.

One Saturday afternoon their father asked them if they would like to go along to work with him.  Their father was a mechanic.  They liked that idea.  When they got to work there was a car waiting for their father to fix.  Thinker went with his father to watch him fix the car.  His father put the car on what is called an engine analyzer.  It is like a computer that determines what is wrong with a car.  The analyzer determined that the alternator wasn’t charging enough to charge the battery.  Thinker helped his father take the alternator out of the car.  They put it in the vise on the work bench and took it apart.  They replaced a defective part and put it back together again.  Then they put it back on the car.  They started the car up and looked at the engine analyzer.  It indicated that everything was A-ok.  While they were working on the car Tinker was in the customer waiting room reading the sports magazines.  On their way home that evening their father asked the boys what they learned that afternoon.  Tinker said he learned which teams would most likely be going to the World Series.  Thinker said he learned how to fix a car.  Can you guess who learned the most practical lesson?

One summer the boys went on vacation with their parents.  Before they went, their mother suggested that it would be good for them to collect literature from all the sites of interest where they planned to go.  They did that faithfully.  The week after they returned from their vacation Thinker went to work and pasted the literature he had collected in a spiral notebook.  He also wrote some notes about each day’s activities and what he had learned.  Tinker looked at his bag of literature a time or two, but decided to throw it away because he didn’t think it was of much interest to him.

When the boys were in high school they both received new laptop computers for Christmas.  They were exactly alike.  The first day they worked together, learning how to use them.  The next day Tinker went to the app store on the computer and down loaded some fun games.  Thinker also went to the app store, but he downloaded a program for reading E – books.  While Tinker was playing games, Thinker was reading books.

It is not that Thinker never did anything for entertainment.  Sometimes he and Tinker went out in the yard and played catch.  On the cold winter days they sometimes played checkers or some other table games.  Thinker also liked to go to the ball games at school and root for the school team.

In his last year in high school Thinker worked hard at his studies so he would have time to take some on line courses.  He began studying to be a pharmacist.  Tinker used his computer to do research for some of his high school courses.  When he had extra time he played computer games.

When Thinker finished high school he continued his studies to be a pharmacist.  He got a job at a pharmacy in town. He was able to get Tinker a job stocking shelves at the pharmacy.

Which of the two boys do you think has the best future ahead of him?  Do you think that Tinker might be jealous of his brother because he had a better paying job?  Would he have a right to be jealous of him?

Young man, young lady, this article was written to motivate you to think about your future.  The way you use your time will determine where you will be ten years from now.  Some of you may even be thinking about dropping out of school.  Would that be a wise decision?  Do you think you know all you need to know to be a success in life?

In the Bible, in the book of Proverbs, there is a word that appears seven times.  It is a word that should be in your vocabulary.  It should characterize your life.  It is the word diligent.  I challenge you to read all the verses in the book of Proverbs where the word diligent it found.  They are the following:








It takes diligence to be a thinker.  Don’t be without it.

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