The Culture War

January 6, 2016

                                           The Culture War

We are in a cold war with our culture.  The sad truth is that we are losing.  We need more recruits to join us in the battle.  Will you be a volunteer?  This article is to identify the battle fronts and suggest ways of winning the war.

We need to confront those who seek to degrade and take away human and Christian values that have served us well.  We can’t afford to lose those values.  We also need to warn those we know and love of the dangers that accompany anti-social behavior.

In every battle we must identify the enemy.  The leaders in this battle are multi-cultural liberals.  They are gaining followers by disseminating their propaganda by the following means.

To a great extent, they have control over the mass media.  They give favorable news coverage to groups that condone anti-social behavior.  At the same time they deny news coverage to groups that call for a return to the moral standards that made America great.

They have a powerful influence in education, all the way from grade school to the college level.  In the grade schools they have introduced sex education which allows them to teach children that the homosexual or lesbian life style is now acceptable behavior.  In high schools young people aren’t being warned of the danger that comes from illicit sex.  If young girls get pregnant they often help them get an abortion without informing their parents.  That’s why parents need to give serious consideration to home schooling their children.  (See my articles on home schooling under “Christian Home.”) In many institutions of higher learning most all the barrios against illicit sex have been eliminated.  If you love your children you need to send them to a private college where moral standards are still upheld.  There they will get a good education without being exposed to licentious moral standards that will rob them of a happy life.

Liberals have also found that the arts are a powerful means of promoting licentious life styles.  They do it by means of movies and music.  Many young people spend hours each day listening to music that condones immoral behavior.

The new left is making a concerted effort to persuade people to lower their moral standards.  It is heart breaking to see those who once had high moral standards capitulate to the culture.  Many times parents have taught their children to have high moral standards.  In public schools, however, the good education their parents gave them is destroyed.

It is unfortunate that many in our society have a great lack of discernment.  Even many highly educated people have a lack of discernment.  Many are too proud to accept the fact that they could be wrong.  Many today walk after their evil way just as they did of old.  The prophet Jeremiah spoke of some in his day.  In Jeremiah 16:12 he wrote, “And ye have done worse than your fathers; for, behold, ye walk every one after the imagination of his evil heart, that they may not hearken unto me.”

What should alarm us most is the human suffering that results from our culture.  To be valiant in combating that which causes human suffering is a noble cause.  We are grateful for, and commend, scientists who give their life to the study of cures for diseases.  Not all suffering is caused by diseases and the mal function of the body.  Emotional suffering is equally intense.

The promoters of licentious life styles like to think they are liberating people from antiquated, restrictive moral values.  They refuse to give consideration to the suffering that accompanies those life styles.  For example:

  • No fault divorce: Every divorce is accompanied by remorse and suffering.
  • Abortion: It is against nature.  Women who abort their child can’t help but go through a time of guilt feelings.
  • Same sex marriage: It too is against nature. There is no way that two people of the same sex can experience the same satisfaction in the sex act that they could get from a heterosexual marriage.
  • The legalization of marijuana: People who take marijuana are at risk of being addicted to it, or other habit forming drugs.

These are just a few examples of suffering that results from the lower moral standards in our culture. There are multiple pleasures in life that don’t leave us at the risk of suffering.  Those who call for restraints have the best interest in mind for the well-being of their fellow human beings.  Will you join us?  God, our maker, knows what is best for us.  In Psalm 84:11 we have his promise that he will not withhold good from us.  “For the LORD God is a sun and shield: the LORD will give grace and glory: no good thing will he withhold from them that walk uprightly.”

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