Submission To The Will of God

March 20, 2013

Submission to God’s Will

Decisions, decisions, we are constantly making decisions.  It’s important that we make wise decisions because they have consequences for good or bad.  How do you decide what decisions you should make?  Some seem to be adept at making wrong decisions.  They pay a high price for it!  In this article I would like to give you some advice about making wise decisions.

We accumulate wisdom as we go through life.  Some are slow to learn.  Young children, even teenagers, have to let their parents make decisions for them.  If you are a child or teenager you need to respect your parents.  They are older and have had more experience. For that reason they have more wisdom.  Sometimes they make decisions for you and you are not in agreement.  You need to remember that they love you and want the best for you.  As you grow older you will see that their decisions were for your good.  Yes, there are times when parents make foolish decisions regarding their children, but most of the time their decisions are wise.  You do well to go to them for advice when you need to make important decisions.

It’s unfortunate that young people often decide not to decide.  Instead of deciding to study and prepare to have something to offer that will give themselves value, they decide to take the path of least resistance.  It takes effort to study and learn.  It takes effort to sacrifice and help others.  It’s more fun to play ball or computer games.  It’s easy to give into   fleshly desires.  They are making their own decisions, but they often realize that they weren’t good decisions.  Many times they can’t go back and make the right decisions.

Young people, in general, aren’t being taught how to think.  They don’t know how to make decisions.  If they are surrounded by people who are equally ignorant about making wise decisions, they are helpless. They   need to know God personally and learn from him.

There is much that we can learn from history.  It’s unfortunate that history is often left out of school curriculums.  It has been truthfully said, “If we don’t learn from the past, we go on making the same mistakes that were made in the past.”  The future is rooted in the past.  Unfortunate is the one who has little knowledge of history.  We do well to learn about history.

We need friends, but be careful in choosing your friends.  We need friends who have common sense about what is right and wrong.  We can learn from them.  Some years back we were invited to go to a church in Iowa to share with them what God was doing in our work in Argentina.  That morning a man appeared in the church who was traveling across the country on a bicycle.  Behind his bicycle he pulled a little cart on which he had a pup tent and his luggage and personal items.  He told us that he started out on his journey some weeks previously accompanied by a friend who also wanted to cross the country on a bicycle.  He soon realized that he was faced with a problem.  His friend wasn’t a Christian and they didn’t share the same life style.  His friend wanted to drink several beers before they crawled into their tents to spend the night.  The result was that he had a hang over the next morning and wasn’t ready to hit the road before 10:00.  The Christian man was up and ready to go by 8:00.  Finally he had to say to his friend, “I’m sorry, but I’m not going to wait for you anymore.  It’s obvious that we don’t share the same life style and we can’t travel together.  I’m going to leave you behind and you can travel at your own pace.”

The Bible says, “Iron sharpeneth iron; so a man sharpeneth the countenance of his friend” (Proverbs 27:17).  We need to be willing to learn from our friends how to make wise decisions.  Likewise, they need to be willing to learn from us.  If not, we can’t walk together.  If they aren’t willing to alter their life style and live right, we need to separate from them.

The Bible talks about people who walked with God.  Enoc walked with God.  David walked with God.  If we walk with God we learn from him.  That means we submit to his will and obey him.  We never read that God walks with men because, to do so, he would have to submit to men’s life style.

We submit to the will of God because we fear, love and respect him.  God doesn’t become a tyrant who tells us what we can and cannot do.  He only tells us what we should or shouldn’t do.  The choice is up to us whether we want to obey him.  We are seldom in a position where we can tell people what they can or can’t do.  If we love people, we should have liberty and the fortitude to tell them what they should and shouldn’t do.  We don’t want to see them pass through the storms of life that leave them striped of that which gives value to life.  That doesn’t mean we should be constantly lecturing them as to what they should do.  They most likely won’t appreciate that.  Many have been used and abused to the point that they are left with little reason for living.  Don’t let people tell you that you are being intolerant if you give them good advice.  You are giving them what they need to be happy and successful.  It isn’t unkind to give good things to our friends.

I have never known anyone whose life was a disaster because he or she submitted to the will of God.  Once I was going door to door talking to people.  I met a lady who said she once tried going God’s way and it turned out bad for her.  When I questioned her more about what she meant by that, I found out that she met with no end of criticism from relatives and friends so she gave up.  She quit too soon.  If she had gone on in God’s way I’m sure she would have had a better life.

Bible knowledge gives us a great deal of wisdom.  The more we live according to the teaching of God’s Word the more we will develop godly convictions. Convictions are firm beliefs about what is right and wrong.  If they are the right convictions, they will help us in making the right decisions.

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