Some Things To Think About

July 2, 2013

Some Things To Think About

We live in a topsy turvy world where vice is virtue, virtue vice; nice is nasty, nasty nice.

Why is it that?

  1.  I’m being greedy if I want to keep what I have earned by hard work and being frugal, but it’s not greed if someone who doesn’t work thinks he is entitled to some of what I have, just because I have more than he does?
  2.  Parents are cruel to their children if they use corporal discipline to teach them to respect and obey them, but it’s love to leave their children free to do what they want to, even though in the end they will bring grief and shame to their parents and those around them.
  3.   Parents wouldn’t think of buying illegal drugs for their teen age children, but they will give them money to buy rock music which gives them a powerful incentive to use drugs.
  4. Those who strongly promote tolerance aren’t willing to be tolerant of those who don’t agree with them.
  5.  Aren’t people guilty of discrimination when they say that Christians are guilty of discrimination if they refuse to rent to gays?
  6. The religion of some is “a saving face,” not “a saving faith.”


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