Please Don’t Step On The Flowers

June 26, 2012

}                          PLEASE DON’T STEP ON THE FLOWERS


From infancy we teach our children to respect the flow­ers.  We would be ashamed of our children if they were such idiots that they went around stepping on the flowers.  “See how pretty they are?” we say as we seek to teach them appreciation 

for the  beauties of nature.  Some flowers, like roses, have thorns to give them some defense.  Most are like pansies whose only defense is the appreciation human beings have for their beauty.   We do well in teaching our children not to step on the flowers.   Signs saying, “Don’t step on the flowers” are seldom needed.  Sometimes we need to be reminded of the damage we do to nature.   Trees are often destroyed by campfires built at their trunks.   Grass is trampled out by pedestrians who don’t stay on the sidewalks

Environmentalists fuss at us for destroying grasslands and virgin forests to build roads.  Often their con­cern is justified but we are unpardonably blundering in another area that should be of even greater concern to us.  Why is it that there are no warnings about destroying the flower of youth?

Young lives are constantly being corrupted and destroyed by our decadent culture and no one says anything.  By the time our young people get to the age where they can enjoy the flowers and beauties of nature their minds and values have been de­stroyed.  Their minds have been destroyed by drugs.  Their values have been corrupted by the brutalizing influence of rock music.  They are overcome with a passion for fleshly desires.  They have lost appreciation for the flowers.  Put your “don’t step on the flowers” signs in their path but they won’t be heeded.   Why should they care about the flowers?  They will trample the flow­ers like brute beasts if they stand between them and the satis­faction of their passion for pleasure.

Multitudes of parents are broken hearted by the disgrace their children have brought upon them. Of course it hurts, but what more can they expect when their children are brought up with a TV. mentality?  You reap what you sow.  The Bible says “He that soweth  to  the  flesh  shall  of  the  flesh  reap  corruption.” (Gal.6:8)

It might seem strange to some that God gives us little admonition about preserving our environment.  The reason is that man will never have the right relation with the creation  if  he doesn’t  have  the right relationship with  the  Creator.   Jesus Christ came into this world almost 2000 years ago.  He shed his blood and died to restore man to the right relationship with his Creator.   Multitudes have been restored but the great majority are still lost in the vanity of this world.

It’s unreasonable to think that anyone has the right relationship with God if he is apathetic about the corruption of children and young people that’s going on all around him.   Our children are being taught to “blow it and throw it.” “Use it and abuse it.”  Get what you want, when you want it, by  what  ever means, without considering the cost to others or the damage  they are doing to their future.

Our God cares about people.  That’s why He sent His Son into this world to redeem us from the shame and destruction of sin.   He wants us to have a future.  When Jesus went  back  to Heaven  he  said, “I go to prepare a place for you.”  If we are godly, or God like, we too will be concerned about the future of our children.  We needn’t be so concerned about what kind of a world we are leaving for our children.  We do need to be con­cerned about what kind of children we are leaving for this world.  Millions have already been condemned to a miserable life because of their egocentric life style.

Please don’t step on the flowers.  But please, please don’t betray our precious young people by collaborating with those who corrupt them.

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