R and R For Christian Living

R and R normally stands for rest and relaxation.  In these articles it stands for “right thinking for right living.”  Living right contributes to rest and relaxation.  It delivers us from the turmoil and tribulation that results from wrong living.  Jesus said “In the world ye shall have tribulation” (John 16:33), but it won’t be near as much if we live right.  Wrong thinking results in bad decisions which result in bad experiences.

Reading R and R articles should never be a substitute for daily Bible reading.  These articles are meant to help you apply Scriptural teaching to your daily life.  Having your mind saturated with Bible knowledge helps us think right.  I Corinthians 2:16 says we can have the mind of Christ.

“R and R For Christian Living” is a retirement ministry of Russell and Margaret George.  They have spent almost 38 years as missionaries in Argentina.  During that time Russell wrote 460 articles in Spanish for a take home paper.  Now they are translating those articles to English and making them available to the English speaking world.  If you like what you find on our web page please tell others.  If not, tell us.

Right Thinking For Right Living is a retirement ministry of Russell and Margaret George.  During their years in Argentina, Russell wrote a number articles in Spanish for a take home paper.  Now they are being translated to English for the benefit of North American readers.  Russell and Margaret now make their home in Southeast Missouri.  Their mailing address is: 37 Missionary Acres, Silva, Mo. 63964  E-mail rusandmargaretgeorge@windstream.net


7 Responses to “R and R For Christian Living”

  1. john nordman said

    very good

  2. Dr. Jack Cribbs said

    I browsed through your web page. Great work! I am sure it will aid others in their questions about biblical matters.
    Keep up the good work.
    Dr. Cribbs

  3. Paul Fitzwater said

    I wanted you to know that I really enjoyed visiting your webpage. I can see that you are a true man of God and have the well-being of others at heart. The many things that you speak of are so true. This world has strayed to far away from our Savior and I believe nothing will ever change until this country get on it’s knees and ask for help. Please continue your mission and I look forward to helping with whatever I can. Thank you for introducing me to this information.

    Rep. Paul Fitzwater

  4. Jake said

    Dear Georges, We all appreciate your continued faithfulness in Kingdom work! We all love hearing what you’re up to and reaping from your efforts – I’m hoping to share one of your articles with our folks at church tonight.

  5. How small is our world? I have been on two mission trips to Argentina. We ministered with a wonderful church family in Lujan. I love that body of Christ. The pastor, Jorge Avondo, has a sold out heart for God and his congregation is absolutely wonderful. My blog site is For His Glory. That’s the link I entered in the Website field. I hope you have a chance to visit. I’d be interested in your thoughts. Thanks for connecting and God bless you and your ministry.

  6. Dr. Robert Pinder said

    I would like to receive your articles and pray for your ministry. I was a SBC misionary in Rosario, Argentina, 1963-1971, and a Professor in Marriage and Family Therapy at Texas Tech University, 1871-1994.

  7. Reta Haack said

    My brother Russell wrote this article. He has written many, many supportive articles. I am not praising his writings because he is my brother but because they are very informative and uplifting.

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