Missionary Bucket Brigade

June 27, 2012

Missionary Bucket Brigade

            Let’s start a missionary bucket brigade.  Here is how it’s done.  Perhaps you are one of the thousands of working men and women who, once and most often twice a day, sacrifice their loose change to a vending machine in exchange for some small confection.  Let’s say, for example, that you are in the habit of getting a cup of coffee out of the vending machine twice a day.  You can start a missionary bucket brigade if you forgo that pleasure just once a day and make your change clink instead into the bottom of your lunch bucket.  Then, when you get home, you take it out and deposit the money in a missionary bank.  At the end of each month you empty the bank and send it to a missionary.

The key to success of this bucket brigade is in your daily discipline of dropping the change in your lunch bucket.  You may think that you can simplify the matter by simply giving more to missions.  Your intentions may be good, but probably, after a few days have passed, you will forget about it.  The rewards of this daily discipline are more far reaching than you may realize.

It will result in a substantial increase in your missionary giving.  Only a few cents a day may not seem like much.  It is, however, like a snowball.  The farther you roll it the larger it gets.  If you work five days a week, and give, let’s say 25 cents a day, that makes $1.25 a week.  There are 52 weeks in a year.  This will give you $65.00 a year to give to missions.  Again you may say, “Why can’t I just write a check for $65.00 at the end of the year and give it to missions?”  You could, but there are still other rewards you would miss.

This daily sacrifice would keep you alert to missions.  If the ongoing of God’s missionary program costs you something every day, you are going to find it difficult to push it far back in your mind.  You will have a keener interest in the missionary project your daily sacrifice is helping support.  It may prompt you to write an occasional letter to some lonely missionary on a far away field.  When that missionary comes home, you will be the first to offer him hospitality when he is in your area.  It should stimulate you to consistently pray for him.  It might also stimulate to give him more than just $65.00 a year.

This daily sacrifice will also help you improve your self-discipline.  Your accomplishments in life are in large measure dependent upon your ability to restrain selfish passions and press your faculties into meaningful and profitable activities.  It is the natural tendency of man to pamper himself.  A pampered self, however, is one that lives only for pleasure and not to benefit mankind.  The Christian has set before him the world’s supreme example of selflessness in the person of Jesus Christ who gave himself to an ignominious death on the cross that we might be redeemed.  If selflessness is in the nature of God, it should be our desire to make it a genuine part of our nature.

One more practical benefit for the bucket brigade is that it’s almost certain to provide you an opportunity to witness to the saving grace of Jesus Christ.  If your fellow workers notice that you have abandoned your practice of drinking a cup of coffee at a certain hour of the day they will probably ask you why.  You can tell them that you have decided to forgo that cup of coffee and give the money instead to a certain missionary so he will be able to go out and present the plan of salvation to men and women.  You can go on to explain that the Bible says that all are lost and bound for Hell and that they must accept Jesus Christ as their personal Savior if they want to go to Heaven.  You can then say, “How about you? Have you ever accepted Jesus Christ as your personal savior?”

Why don’t you  start a missionary bucket brigade?  You might encourage other believers to join you in it.  After a time you will find that those few cents a day aren’t a sacrifice at all.  You may rather find that it is an investment that brings you a richer, fulle

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r and more fruitful life.



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