Fun Time

December 31, 2012

Fun Time

            There is nothing wrong with Christians having good clean fun once in a while.  I have read the Bible several times and I have never read the words “Thou shalt not have fun.”  Therefore, let’s have some fun.

The article below has   spelling errors in it.  Read it with your ball point pen in hand and underline all the misspelled words.  You’re a winner if you find them all the first time you read.  You that are school teachers should get the best score.  I’ll let you be my proof reader.

It snowed all day when I was at work.  On my way home I admired the handy work of God.  It was beauteful.  When I turned into our lane I saw that our daughters had played a practicul joke on me.  They built a snow man right in the middle of the lane.  There was no way to go around it so I pressed the acelerator all the way down and hit it hard.  I heard an awful rumble under the car.  The head of the snow man flew up and landed on the winshield.  I was blinded momentarily.  It was the first time I ever wiped a snow man’s face off my winshield with the winshield wipers.  As I drove into the garage I saw that the snow man’s carot nose was still on the hood of the car.

Before turning into the lane I stopped at the mail box to get the mail.  I saw there was a letter from our refrigrator manufacturer.  I had written to them to tell them that our refrigrator had quit working while it was still under warenty.  Since I was anxues to see what they were going to do about it, I opened that letter first when I set down to read the mail.   This is what the letter said:

Dear Mrs. Butterfingers:

We are sorry to hear that you are having trouble with your refrigrator.  Here are some things you could try.

  1.  Are you sure you have it turned on?  On the inside panal, on the left side, there is a control dial.  Turning it counter clock wize as far as it will go will turn it off.  Turning it in the opposite direccion will increase the cold.
  2. Unplug it and plug it into a diferent outlet.

If it still doesn’t work please fill out the from below.  Please be sure to right legidly so we can read it.

  1.    I bought the   refrigerator month_____ day_____    year_____
  2.   Did it come in the original cardboard container   unopened?  ___yes ___no
  3.   Did you mail in the registration that came with it?                ___yes ___no
  4.   When you open the door does the light come on?                 ___yes  ___no
  5.   Please give us the following information: Modle   number_____ serial Number ____


If you can prove that   it is still under warnty we will send a technician to your house to look at   it.


Respectfuly yours

Mark Townsend


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