Foundation Truths From Genesis

October 29, 2012

Foundation truths from Genesis

            Foundations are laid so we can build something on them.  Perhaps you don’t know the first thing about mixing cement and laying a foundation, but everyone needs to know how to build a foundation for the frame work of their belief system.  In order for us to have a clear concept of biblical revelation we need to accept and understand the book of Genesis.

Genesis is the book of beginnings.  That’s the meaning of the name “Genesis.”  It’s hardly worth while reading the rest of the Bible if we reject the truths set forth in the book of Genesis.  Those truths tell us how it all began.

It all began with God.  Without God there is no adequate explanation or purpose for life.  Without God, man is left with his own reasoning, but he has no way of knowing what is right or wrong.  A society without God often ends in chaos because everyone does what is right in his own eyes.

Then it says that God created the heaven and the earth.  That’s all inclusive.  That means everything.  That truth needs to be a part of your basic belief system.  Those who reject God must find some other explanation for the beginning.  Even their best explanations leave us with many unanswered questions.  There is no scientific proof for the statement that God created the heaven and the earth.  Neither is there scientific proof for the theories of men regarding the creation.

Along with our belief that God created all things must be the belief that God is omnipotent.  Nothing is impossible with him. (Matthew 19:26) How did God do it?  We may never know.  The more we learn of the intricacies of nature, the more reason we have for believing that it had to have been created by an all wise being.  To say that it just happened is not an adequate explanation.  Things as well designed as our universe  don’t just happen.

To believe without doubt that God exists, and that he is the creator of all things gives us reason to believe other things we read in the Bible are also true.  If God could make the universe out of nothing in six days, there is no reason why he can’t perform miracles, answer prayer, and take us to heaven when we die.  God did and he can, so I don’t have reason to doubt anything I read in the Bible.

In genesis 1:27 we read “So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them.”  That means that God made man heterosexual.  When we hear people promoting homosexuality we should be quick to respond and say, “That doesn’t fit on my foundation.”  That’s not the way God planned for it to be.  There is no way that a man can be a “help meet” to another man the way a woman can and vice versa. God makes no mistakes.

In Genesis chapter three we read that sin entered the human race when Adam and Eve ate of the forbidden fruit.  As a result man fell under the curse of sin.  From Genesis 3:15 on through the Bible we read of God’s great redemptive plan.

It’s obvious that God had a plan when he created the universe.  By reading the Bible we see that he also has a plan for our physical, social and spiritual well being.  If we ignore or violate the laws he has given us we won’t enjoy life to the fullest.  He gave his Son to die on the cross to pay the penalty for our sins so that we could be forgiven and have a home in Heaven.  We need to accept that forgiveness.  If we obey God’s plan we can enjoy the best he has for us.  It all starts in Genesis and we need to start there too.

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