October 20, 2015


          We are hearing a lot today about feminism. It has to do with women’s social and political rights. It is an issue that has been around for some time.  Between the years 1850 – 1870 Susan B. Anthony was an advocate for women’s right to vote.  She succeeded in convincing the general public that women should have that right.  At the same time others were contending for the right of women to have an education.  That too has been accepted.

In the past, women were relegated to an inferior role.  It was thought that their only function was that of bearing children and being homemakers.  In some countries and cultures women are still given an inferior place in society.  In Islamic countries women are considered the property of their husbands.  Men can have two or three wives.  Women have little recourse if they are abused.

Christianity has done much to liberate women from abuse and an inferior role in society.  Less than 100 years ago, in countries where the Hindu religion was predominate, women were burned alive along with the body of their husbands when they died.  Christian missionaries did much to stop that inhuman practice.  Christian men are commanded by God to love their wives.  Ephesians 5:25 says, “Husbands, love your wives, even as Christ also loved the church, and gave himself for it.” If men complete with that command they won’t feel at liberty to abuse their wives and withhold from them that which is for their well-being.

In our day there are those who find fault with Christianity because the Bible teaches that there is a distinction between men and women.  That shouldn’t surprise anyone.  Just a look at human anatomy tells us that.  Even nature teaches us that.  Only female birds lay eggs. Only women bear children.

Christianity doesn’t teach that women are inferior to men.  In the epistles of the Apostle Paul he makes frequent mention of women and gives them recognition.  What some object to is the Bible’s teaching that it is the duty of the wife to be in subjection to her husband.  Ephesians 5:22-24 says, “Submitting yourselves one to another in the fear of God.    Wives, submit yourselves unto your own husbands, as unto the Lord.    For the husband is the head of the wife, even as Christ is the head of the church: and he is the Savior of the body.   Therefore as the church is subject unto Christ, so let the wives be to their own husbands in everything.” Titus 2:3-6 also lists some of the duties of women.  “The aged women likewise, that they be in behavior as becometh holiness, not false accusers, not given to much wine, teachers of good things;   That they may teach the young women to be sober, to love their husbands, to love their children,   To be discreet, chaste, keepers at home, good, obedient to their own husbands, that the word of God be not blasphemed.    Young men likewise exhort to be sober minded.”

Whenever and wherever two or more people are united in a relationship, with a purpose and common interests, someone has to be the leader. If not, there will be conflicts; perhaps even chaos.  In a marriage two people are united together.  God is the author of marriage.  Genesis 2:24 says, “Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh.” God tells us that in marriage the husband should be the leader.  Ephesians 5:23 says, “For the husband is the head of the wife, even as Christ is the head of the church: and he is the Savior of the body.” That lays a burden of responsibility on both the husband and the wife.  There are some men who would rather not take the responsibility of making the major decisions in the family.  Some men aren’t capable of making wise decisions.  Some women also find it difficult to submit to their husbands.  Before marriage they were accustomed to making their own decisions.  In a happy, harmonious marriage men will consult with their wives before making a major decision and take their wishes into consideration.  When there is love between husbands and their wives, they will take the wishes and well-being of their mate into consideration.

In our day, feminist movements are insisting that women be given rights and privileges that militate against Biblical teaching and the moral dictates of a happy, harmonious society.  Harmony in the home is impossible if women refuse to take their rightful place.  Our welfare system has made it possible for women to subsist by having children out of wedlock.  They may have three or four children, all with different fathers.  It is a disadvantage to children to have to grow up without a father in the home.  Other women choose to abort their children instead of giving birth to them.  In so doing they give their consent to a doctor to murder their child while it is still in the womb.

Some in our day refuse to recognize that there are jobs that are more suited to men than to women.  Some jobs demand strength that most women don’t have.  I Peter 3:7 says, “Likewise, ye husbands, dwell with them according to knowledge, giving honour unto the wife, as unto the weaker vessel, and as being heirs together of the grace of life; that your prayers be not hindered.” Yes, there are jobs that are suitable to both men and women.  Titus 2:5, however tells us that women should be “keepers at home.” “To be discreet, chaste, keepers at home, good, obedient to their own husbands, that the word of God be not blasphemed.” That leaves the men to be the breadwinners.  Men are also meant to be the defenders.  That’s the way it is in nature also.  That strongly suggests that combat duty in the military should be left for the men.

Women are more gifted and capable of being keepers at home.  New babies need their mothers at their side.  By nature women are more gifted at child raising.  If women accept their responsibility at home, most of the jobs that either one could do will be left for the men.  We must recognize that at times there are extenuating circumstances that make it necessary for women to work outside the home.

There are some women who never marry.  They of course should be given jobs.  There is nothing wrong when women with children go outside the home to find a job after their children are all gone from home.  Equal pay for equal work; why not?

Women with children should find satisfaction in being keepers at home.  Your children need you there.  You need to contribute to their upbringing.  What you contribute to them will also be a contribution to society.  Children brought up under their mother’s care are much less likely to be a menace to society.

Women often need to get out of the home where they can meet people and be occupied in other interests.  There are always groups looking for volunteers.  It is good to be occupied with projects in the local church.  Sometimes there are part time jobs where women can work while their children are in school.

Christian men, we need to show appreciation to our women.  Let them know that you are proud of them for the contribution they are making.  Don’t give them any reason to think they are inferior to men.  Teach your daughters what their role in society should be.  Help them get an education, but tell them it’s to equip them in case they never marry and have children or to enable them to work after their children are gone from home.  Women should be honored who put aside their career because they are needed at home.

Women shouldn’t be denied the right to work or criticized if they do.  A better approach is to help women find satisfaction in being homemakers.  Homemakers shouldn’t feel that they are disadvantaged.   In reality, it is a high calling.  It has been said, “The hand that rocks the cradle is the one that rules the world.”

Women need to be encouraged to read I Peter 3:1-9. It is a clear explanation of the role of both men and women.  There is no greater satisfaction than knowing that you are occupying the place that was meant for you.

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