Educational, Informative DVD’s

December 18, 2012

Educational, Informative DVD’s

DVD’s that offer entertainment are available by the hundreds, maybe even by the thousands.  There are also good educational, informative DVD’s available.  They are not boring.  You most likely won’t find them on the tables piled high with DVD’s at your local Wal-Mart store.  You have to look for them.  To help you identify some of them and find them, the following information is offered.  My goal is to help people think right so they can make intelligent decisions.

  1. Monumental  Details the amazing birth of our      nation.  Our families are worth      fighting for.  Produced and directed      by Kirk Cameron.

Available from:

  1. The Secrets of Jonathan Perry  Excellent for Children but good for the      entire family.

What he teaches them will last forever   Pat Boon actor/singer

Available from:

  1. Fireproof  An excellent DVD to encourage couples to      be faithful in their marriage

vows.  It is full of action, humor and excitement.

Available from:

  1. Corageous  An excellent DVD for families and to      encourage fathers to take responsibility in their


Available from:

  1. Flywheel  Entertainment that packs a message  This DVD has a powerful message

that promotes honesty in business

Available from:

6.  The Export   Radical Islam’s map to the end of democracy

You can get a free copy by going to

7.  Indoctrination   Reveals why the public schools are contributing to the decline of

Christianity in America.

Available from:

  1. Peace, The Untold Story of the Peace Symbol  This DVD uncovers the obscure

history of the peace symbol

Available from:

Here is a suggestion to Christians who want to make an impact on the thinking of those around them.

Why don’t you get one of these good DVD’s   and invite your neighbors and friends over for an evening and show it to them?  Afterwards you can serve them coffee and cookies.   I believe you will have such a good time, and see so much fruit from it, that you will want to do it again, maybe once a month.





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