Diagnosis Technique To Determine Whether You Have Sunday Sickness

January 2, 2013

Diagnosis Technique to Determine Whether You Have Sunday Sickness


This is a simple convenient way to determine whether you have Sunday sickness.  It is a sickness that attacks believers on Sunday morning and hinders them from being in Sunday school and church.  Here is how it works.

  •  Blow hard on the circle above
  • If the circle turns red you should go to the doctor as soon as possible.
  • If the circle disappears completely you should schedule an appointment with your optometrist.
  • If the circle turns gray or black you should take a bath.
  • If the circle turns brown you should stay in bed and ask someone to bring you a tall glass of hot lemon juice with honey.
  • If nothing happens it’s an indication that you have good health and that you should get up and get ready to go to Sunday school and church

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