Creation Resources

December 4, 2012

Creation Resources

Institute for Creation Research

P.O. Box 59029

Dallas, Tx. 75229

This is an excellent source of good books on creation.  They offer study courses for advanced knowledge of origins, biblical education and apologetics.  They also have an excellent magazine entitled “Acts and Facts”  This ministry is founded and maintained by some top notch scientists.


Answers In Genesis

P.O. Box 510

Hebron, Ky. 41048

Ken Ham is the founder and administrator of this excellent ministry.  He is a man of foresight. He is assisted by an excellent staff of men and women who have assisted him in the planning and construction of the “Creation Museum.”  It is a “Must see.”  Everyone who has gone there has been thrilled at what they have seen.  Children and young people need to see the museum to have their faith strengthen to stand up to the teaching of evolution.  At the same site a scale model of Noah’s ark   is under construction.


          Answers in Genesis also has a good selection o books and DVD’s supporting the teaching of creation.  They also put out an excellent magazine entitled “Answers.”  It has an 8 page insert in it especially for children.

This is an excellent source for articles and information on Creationism.  It is done by Paul Abramson.

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