Climate Change

July 4, 2012

Climate Change

Who Controls the World’s Thermostat?

            Is it possible that human beings are capable of manipulating their environment to the point that they can change the climate?  Some are of the opinion that we can.  For the most part, they are politicians, scientists and news men.  The global warming theory is an invention of politicians seeking a means of raising revenue by means of the so called “carbon tax.”  They claim that men have brought about a change in the earth’s atmosphere by the excessive amount of fossil fuels that are being burned.  They say it results in an excess of green house gases.  The result, they say, has been an increase in tropical storms such as hurricanes, the melting of icebergs, a rise in the level of the oceans, heat waves and droughts.

Is it true that the earth’s inhabitants are responsible for the increase in the earth’s temperature in the last 100 years?  Are there other explanations?  What does God say about the earth that he created to be a perfect environment for human life?  Did he know from the beginning that the day would come when men would invent cars and electric generators that burn enormous amounts of coal?  Has he lost control of the atmosphere?

The truth is that the variation of the earth’s temperature was included in the creation.  The sun rises and sets which creates a change in the temperature.  There are seasons because of changes in the earth’s relation to the sun.  This phenomenon has been going on since the beginning of creation with no disasters.  Those who don’t believe in God are inclined to think that the earth operates at random and can be thrown out of kilter by irresponsible human beings.  We are going to examine the theory of global warming to see if it’s possible that human beings can throw the earth’s thermostat out of kilter.

Is it really happening?

News men are often guilty of confusing the terms “global warming” and “climate changes.” Climate change includes both the cooling and warming of the atmosphere.  Historical records reveal that there have been some dramatic changes in the earth’s temperature.  James Inhofe, in his book “The Greatest Hoax” says that history records that there was a medieval warm period when the earth’s mean temperature was even higher that it is today.  That was in the years 800 – 1300.  This was followed by what is called “The little ice age” in the years 1300 – 1900.

The reason for temperature changes is a subject that cannot be easily explained.  Scientific studies confirm that the amount of co2 that men add to the atmosphere is insignificant.  Roy Spencer, meteorologist and professor at the University of Huntsville, Alabama says “You might be surprised to learn that the amount of warming directly caused by the extra co2 is, by itself, relatively weak.  It has been calculated theoretically that, if there are no other changes in the climate system, a doubling of the atmospheric co2 concentration would cause les than 10 C. of surface warming (about 10 F.)  This is not a controversial statement…it is well understood by climate scientists.” ( warming

The green house gases

The atmosphere that surrounds the earth is composed of three principal elements: (78%) nitrogen, (21%) oxygen and the other 1% consists of co2, methane and water (h2o).  These are called the green house gases.  Along with these are small quantities of what are called inert gases.  The major components of green house gases are co2 and methane.  Both of these originate from nature and the burning of fossil fuels.

The majority of the green house gases are produced by nature.  It is estimated that 82% of methane is produced by nature and 18% by man.  Of the carbon dioxide (co2) 97% is produced by nature and only 3% by man.  God has programmed an amazing balance into nature.  Men and animals give off co2 when they breathe.  The plants need co2 and they give off oxygen.


Obviously there have been selfish motives behind the promotion of the global warming theory. For authors of books and articles it is the desire to satisfy man’s desire to read that which is alarming.  These are called “hay Martha” articles.  A man reads something alarming and he says to his wife, “Hay Martha, listen to this!”  For scientists there is money that comes from government grants for scientific studies.  For the politicians there is the prospect of raising taxes to control the amount of co2 that is emitted into the atmosphere.

When God designed the atmosphere he included a thermostat. Temperatures vary but never beyond what men, plants, and animals can survive.  Some plants and animals are designed to live in cold climates; others for hot climates.  Men can adjust to the temperature variations.  In Genesis 8:22 we have the promise “While the earth remaineth, seedtime and harvest, and cold and heat, and summer and winter, and day and night sha

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