Christian Parenting

September 12, 2019

Christian ParentingBy Russell George
If God gives you children you should take it as an honor that God has entrusted to you the responsibility of preparing that little one to be an asset and not a burden to the human race. It isn’t something you can do in a day. You are going to go on investing in that child from the moment you realize that it has been conceived until he or she reaches the age of 21. Hopefully by then he or she will be mature enough to make their own way in life without your help.

It is a great satisfaction for senior citizens to see their children succeeding in life and contributing to the well being of others. They will be glad for what they have invested in their children. This article is to encourage you to be faithful in carrying out the responsibility that God has placed in your hands. It is sad to see that many parents, even some Christian parents, have failed in preparing their children for life.

Your mission, as Christian parents, goes beyond the obligation of providing for the material needs of your children. You need to implant in them the strength of character that will enable them to make wise decisions in life. The only successful way to do that is to lead them to put their faith in Christ for salvation. Then they need to be taught to live the Christian life without reservations.

They will learn much of that from your faithful testimony. When they see your joy in the Lord they will want that joy for themselves. When they see your love for your spouse, and for them, they will see the value of love. When they realize that you love them enough to discipline them when they do wrong, they will learn to respect you and obey you.

Children need to be taught the importance of spiritual values. One way for them to learn that is by taking them to church faithfully. There they will be surrounded by successful people who have the same values that you, their parents, have. They will also learn many spiritual truths in their Sunday school class. You can also teach them spiritual values by having a daily devotional time in your home. That is a time when you read a Bible story or a portion of the Bible and explain the lesson that should
be learned from it. It is closed by a time of prayer. That is often when children learn to pray out loud.

When it comes time for your children to start to school, I plead with you, and I pray that others will do the same, that you will not send them to a secular public school. All together too often the good Christian values you have taught them will be wiped out in such schools. Secularism and Christianity are not compatible. A high percentage of children who are taught in such schools drop out of church in their teen age years. It is also foolish for Christian parents to spend their hard earned money to send their children to secular colleges. I know you would like to think that your child/ children will be strong enough to the resist the temptation to abandon their faith. Statistics indicate, however, that a good many of them aren’t. How do you know that yours won’t be among them?

My wife and I never took a single college course in teacher training. For the most part, we home schooled our children. All six of them have gone on to have a successful life. Three of them now have college degrees, and three of them are missionaries.

It is heart breaking to see the woeful ignorance of many in the millennial generation. Most children that have been home schooled or educated in a Christian school have a much higher grade point average than children who have been educated by teachers who have spent four or more years to be qualified to be school teachers. Secular schools aren’t teaching children to think for themselves. They are taught to accept what their teacher tells them without asking any questions. They are being taught to accept ideologies that are contrary to Biblical teaching. The result is that, when they are adults, they just accept what they are told without asking any questions about whether it is prudent.

It is a sacrifice to home school your children or send them to a Christian school, but it is well worth the sacrifice. If you really love your children you will be willing to make the sacrifice.

After your children go out on their own, it is a great satisfaction to see them go on in the Christian life and be successful. What you do now will determine whether you get to enjoy that satisfaction later on.


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