Chapter XXV The Potential New Pastor

January 9, 2017

Chapter XXV The Potential New Pastor

We are going to skip about a month of what happened in the life of the Parks family. It was just life as usual for them anyway. We want to get on to the arrival of Ralph and his family. It was a Saturday morning.

Dr. Alvarez had to go treat some sick animals so he couldn’t go to the bus terminal. He asked some of the people from the Bible study to go to meet them. One of the families had a big house and they offered to keep them. In all, some 20 people showed up to meet them. The bus was to arrive at 10:30. The Parks family was among those who were waiting at the terminal. They, along with some others, were able to walk to the terminal. Some came on city buses. One man was there with his pick up to take their luggage to the place where they would be staying. Another man came with his car to take the family. Several had contributed meat for a barbeque at noon at the house where they would be staying. The bus arrived about 10 minuets late. Everyone wondered how they would recognize the family when they arrived.

When the bus arrived everyone wanted to be the first to recognize Ralph and his family. They were looking for a young couple with a little girl. The first ones to get off the bus were an old couple. Then a man got off followed by several young people. Then several others got off, but they didn’t see a young couple with a little girl. They began to wonder if perhaps they didn’t come.

Ralph went around to the other side of the bus where a man was setting the luggage off the bus. He saw a young lady with a little girl. She stepped up to a man, pointed to a suit case, and said “That one is ours.” Paul thought, “That must be Ralph.” He stepped up to him and asked him, “Are you Ralph by any chance?” “Yes” the man answered with a big smile. Paul helped him carry their luggage around to the other side of the bus where the others were waiting. Paul Introduced Ralph and his family to all those who were waiting. He introduced each one by name. Ralph and his wife were surprised and happy that so many had come out to meet them.

The next morning nearly all the regulars and a few extras were at the Bible study. Dr. Alvarez introduced Ralph and his family. Afterwords Ralph preached. Then Dr. Alvarez led the group in a question and answer time so they could get better acquainted with Ralph and his wife. After several questions were asked and answered Ralph explained to them that the decision was theirs as to whether they wanted him to be their pastor. Then he said “If you want me to be your pastor I’ll have some requirements. One will be that the church be organized.. Another is that it be called a Baptist church.” Mr. Perez had a question for him. Several others had the same question on their minds. His question was “What is a Baptist church?”

In our next chapter we will learn how Ralph answered that question and whether he became their pastor.


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