Chapter XXIV A Discipline Problem

January 2, 2017

Chapter XXIV A Discipline Problem

On Sunday, after the Bible study, Dr. Alvarez proceeded with the matter of forming the directive committee. A number of the men raised their hands to say they were willing to serve on the committee. The doctor wrote their names on a white board so everyone could see them. Then he handed out a sheet of paper to all the adults and made sure they all had a ball point pen. “Now” he said, “On your paper I want you to write down the words secretary, treasurer, financial secretary, and member at large. Below each of those you can write the name of the man that you think could best serve in that capacity. Afterwords we will count the votes.” The votes were counted. Paul wasn’t chosen. He was a little disappointed, but he accepted it well.

Afterwords Dr. Alvarez asked “How many of you think we should invite Ralph and his family to come for a visit?” Everyone was in agreement. Dr. Alvarez said, “I’ll get a letter in the mail to him as soon as possible.”

On Monday, when Paul came home from work, he found Mary in tears. He asked her “What happened?” She said “Carlitos came home from school with a bad note. He has been suspended for three days for fighting on the play ground.” They called Carlitos and asked him what happened. As could be expected, he said “He hit me first.” Paul asked, “But why did you hit him?” Carlitos explained that they were playing soccer. “I had the ball and this boy hit me in the ribs with his shoulder and made me drop the ball. I lost my temper and hit him in the face. Then he hit me in the side of my head. I knocked him down, sat on him, and started beating on his shoulders. Others pulled me off. I was taken to the principle’s office. When they explained to her what happened she wrote me this note and told me not to come back to school for three days.”

They scolded Carlitos and Paul gave him a spanking. Then they both sat down, one on each side of him, and prayed that God would help him to control his temper the next time something like this happened. They both kissed him and assured him of their love.

Mary went to get supper ready. She was relieved that the problem had been solved. Paul started setting the table for her. Their relief didn’t last long, however. Someone was clapping their hands at the front gate. It was the mother of the boy that Carlitos fought with. She was furious. Paul and Mary both tried to calm her down, but with little success. She was insulting them with profanity. She threatened to take them to court. She said “Both of you aught to be in jail.” Silvia, their next door neighbor, heard what was going on. She came over and tried to help Paul and Mary calm her down. She wasn’t much help either. Finally the lady left, cursing them as she went. Mary went back in the house and burst into tears. Paul was angry. Carlitos was crying, knowing that he was the cause for what had happened.

Paul and Mary were new Christians and didn’t know how Christians should react under these circumstances. Paul said, “Sit down, sweet heart, and let’s think this over and decide how we should react. I confess, I’m angry. Do we have reason to be angry?” “Well I would think so” Mary answered. “Yes” said Paul, “We have reason to be angry, but will it do us any good? Perhaps she had reason for being angry with us, but I don’t see that it was our fault. It’s best that we just forget it and get supper ready. I’ll help you.” They both went to the kitchen.

While they were eating their supper Mary said, “I wonder what the neighbors are thinking. They must have heard what was going on. “That’s alright” Paul said. “Tomorrow we will explain it to them.”


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