Chapter XXI The New Carpenter Shop

December 21, 2016

Chapter XXI The New Carpenter Shop

By Tuesday of the next week the man had everything ready at the store front for Paul to start working on the chests of drawers he wanted made. Paul had to make three trips to the store front to carry the tools he had purchased. He made one trip carrying two saw horses that he had made from some lumber he had at the house.

In the afternoon a lady stopped by where Paul was working. She said, “Well I’m glad to see that you opened a carpenter shop here. I need to have someone replace a window frame at my house. Would you be able to do it?” Paul assured her that he could. He wrote down her address and told her he would stop at her house the next morning and take the measurements. Almost every day someone stopped and asked Paul about doing some work for them.

Paul asked the owner of the store front if he could keep working there since more work had come in. He said, “Sure as long as someone doesn’t come along who wants to rent the store front.” For that reason, Paul felt he needed to get the work done as soon as possible. He started working at 7:00 in the morning and didn’t go home until 7:00 in the evening. On Saturday he worked until noon and told Mary that he was thinking he better spend part of Sunday on the job. She was worried about that. She reminded him that he wasn’t spending enough time with the family. “And besides” she said, “Sunday is the Lord’s day. It seems to me like you should honor him on Sunday.” “I don’t know” he said.

On Sunday morning Mary was relieved that Paul didn’t get up and go to work like he was accustomed to. She didn’t know what a struggle he had gone through during the night. During the week Paul’s mind had been so occupied with his work that he hadn’t thought much about his family, and even less about God. In the night he was asking himself, “Isn’t it God’s will that I work to provide for my family? Besides, it’s just this one Sunday that I’m thinking about working.” Then some words came to his mind. They were “Give to God that which is his.” He wasn’t sure if they came from the Bible. Finally he said to himself, “If Sunday is God’s day, I should give it to him. I’m not going to work.”

Paul got up and ate breakfast with the family. Then he went with them to the Bible study at the Alvarez house. After the evangelistic meetings even more people were coming to the Bible studies on Sunday mornings. The house was really too small for all the people. To solve the problem, they agreed that the men would remain standing and leave the benches and chairs for the women and children. Someone suggested that they should look for a store front where they could meet. Paul didn’t tell them that he knew of one that was for rent.

As they walked home from the Bible Study that Sunday morning Paul said to Mary, “When I lost my job I didn’t give any thought to opening another carpenter shop here in Chilecito. I didn’t have any tools or a place to work. It’s unbelievable what God has done for me in less than a week. God has sure been good to us, hasn’t he? Thanks for making me realize that I should honor God by being in the Bible study this morning.”

Don’t miss the next chapter to learn more about what will happen with the Parks family.


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