Chapter XVIII The Evangelistic Meetings

November 30, 2016

Chapter XVIII The Evangelistic Meetings

In just a few days it was time to start the evangelistic meetings with the engineer from Satiago Del Estero. The first meeting was on a Sunday afternoon. Dr. Alvarez and his wife had made up a printed invitation that they had passed out door to door in the neighborhood. Several of the neighbors promised to come and they also invited others. The meetings were held in the yard in front of the house. Some brought chairs. Some of the men had helped Dr. Alvarez put up a string of lights around the yard that they plugged in when it started to get dark.

At the first meeting a number of the neighbors were there. The engineer preached a message that clearly explained the power of God to change lives and give sinners a new life. After the message he did something that no one expected. He said, “Now I want to give you an opportunity to respond to this message and personally accept the new life that God offers. I’m going to ask that my wife and Dr. Alvarez and his wife come to the front with me. I can’t help but think that there must be some here who are ready to accept God’s offer of salvation and new life. I want you all to stand. While we sing the first verse of a hymn, if you would like to accept this invitation of new life in Christ I want you to step out and come up here. One of these people here will take you into the house and explain to you how you can have this new life.”

Silvia, the neighbor of Paul and Mary, was among the first who stepped out. You may remember that her husband had recently been killed. After they finished singing the hymn the meeting was closed with prayer. The people began to converse with one another. One by one those who had gone forward began to come out of the house with a smile on their faces.

The next day Mary talked with Silvia. She asked her what they did the night before when they went into the house. “Well” she said, “Adriana sat down with me and two other women. She explained to us that we needed to pray to God in our own words and ask God to forgive us of our sins on the basis of what Christ did for us when he died on the cross. She said that if we were repentant of our sins we could pray and ask God to forgive us. All three of us said that we would like to do it. Then she asked us to bow our heads, close our eyes and, in our own words, pray out loud and asking God to forgive us and make us one of his children. We all did that. After that I felt a great relief in my heart.”

The truth is that Mary also had felt the urge to go up front, but she was a little undecided because she didn’t know that they were going to do in the house. After she talked to Silvia she decided that she too should go in the house with someone that evening if they did the same thing. That is what she did.

Each night of the meetings a few more people made that decision. The next to the last night of the meetings Dr. Alvarez said he wanted to give everyone a time to share what God had done for them as a result of the meetings. He called it a “testimony time.” Paul had gone every night to the meetings and paid close attention to all that was said. So far, he hadn’t made a decision like so many others had. Mary wondered if she should ask him why he hadn’t gone forward, but she didn’t want him to make the decision because of her influence. When they left their house on Saturday to go to the meetings she decided to ask him what he thought of the special meetings. He thought for a little bit before he said, “It was all very good. I’m glad for those who made a decision for Christ. I would like to do that too, but I’m a little nervous about how my boss with take it if he finds out about it. You remember he said that he didn’t want any religious person working for him.”

Keep reading further chapters to find out whether Paul makes a decision.


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