Chapter XVII Being Used Of God

November 22, 2016

Chapter XVII Being Used Of God

Our last chapter told about the tragic death of Ralph, the neighbor of the Parks family. Mary couldn’t help but think that Silvia must be grieving something terrible over the loss of her husband. Dr. Alvarez had a part in the funeral. His wife, Adriana, talked briefly with Silvia at the cemetery and asked if she could come over the next day to talk to her.

Up to this point, Silvia hadn’t shown much interest in the things of God. She hadn’t accepted Mary’s invitation to attend the Bible studies on Sunday mornings. She did, however, accept Adriana’s offer to come and talk to her. Adriana sat down with her and opened her Bible to the book of Ruth. She said, “I know you must be suffering the loss of your husband. Here in the book of Ruth we find the story of a woman who suffered, not only the loss of her husband, but also of her two sons. Never the less, she continued strong in faith and in her trust in God.” Silvia was very grateful for the comforting words and asked Adriana if she could come back again the next day. Adriana said she would.

After the funeral Mary offered to go with Silvia to the telephone office and help her send a telegram to her family to tell them of her great loss. On the way Silvia asked Mary if she thought it was wise for her to put confidence in Mrs. Alvarez. Mary assured her that she would be wise to share her burdens with her.

The next Sunday morning Dr. Alvarez announced that he had received a letter from his friend in Santiago Del Estero. He said he had asked for a weeks vacation in March so he could come and preach to them. He asked all the people to promise that they would come every evening to the meetings. He also said that he hoped they would invite their neighbors and friends. He said he would like to take up an offering every night during the meetings. He explained to them that it was customary for churches to take up an offering every Sunday to pay their pastor and cover the expenses of the church. He said, “Since I have an income and we just meet in our house, I haven’t felt it was necessary to take up an offering every Sunday. This offering I want to take up in the special meetings will be to help cover the expenses of my friend for his trip here. Everyone was in agreement.

After the meeting Dr. Alvarez gave Paul an envelope with money in it to pay for the wood his boss would need to build the shelves he wanted made. Paul felt honored that he trusted him with the money. As soon as he got home he put the envelope in a safe place so he could take it to work with him the next morning.


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