Chapter XV Waiting For A Cost Estimate

November 8, 2016

Chapter XV Waiting For A Cost Estimate

While Paul was at work, he waited with much anticipation for Dr. Alvarez to arrive and talk to his boss. Quitting time finally arrived and he still hadn’t come. Paul was almost certain that his boss would change his opinion about Dr. Alvarez after talking to him. The next day it was almost quitting time before Dr. Alvarez came. His boss took him to his office to talk to him. When Dr. Alvarez left the office he went out on the work floor to greet Paul and admire the work he was doing.

Dr. Alvarez offered to give Paul a ride home since it was quitting time. Paul told him he would have to wait a while because he would need to take a shower and change his clothes before he would be ready to leave. The doctor said, “That’s no problem. On Monday I was here in the neighborhood to treat a dog. I should go by and see how it is doing. While you are taking a shower I’ll go see the dog.”

When Paul left the carpenter shop Dr. Alvarez was waiting for him in front. When Paul got in the car he asked him how his talk went with his boss. “Good” he said. “First we talked about things in general. Then I explained to him what I wanted him to do for me. He said he would come by and take the measurements at noon tomorrow.”

When Paul got home Mary was waiting for him with news about a lot in the neighborhood that was for sale. She said “They just recently put up a for sale sign on it.” She insisted that Paul go with her to see it before dark. Charlie and Priscilla went with them. It was a little over four blocks from their house. In the back of the lot there was a small shed, but it didn’t have a roof on it. Paul liked the lot.

On Sunday morning, when they went to the Bible study at the Alvarez house, Paul asked the doctor if his boss had come by to take the measurements. He said, “Yes he did and he said he will have the estimate ready tomorrow for you to bring to me.”

Paul and Mary continued studying the Bible by means of the Bible studies that Dr. Alvarez gave to them. So far, they had been studying together, but Mary had more free time than Paul. She wondered if it would be possible for her to study on her own and make more progress. She asked Dr. Alvarez if that might be possible. He said, “Why sure. There is no reason why you can’t unless it would cause Paul to slack off on his studies.” Paul assured him that he wouldn’t do that.

One Sunday Dr. Alvarez told those who came to the Bible study that he would like to start having a preaching service on Sundays, but he didn’t feel that he was capable of preaching. He said he had written to his engineer friend in Catamarca to see if he could come and hold a series of evangelistic meetings. (You may remember that Dr. Alvarez’s engineer friend was introduced to us in chapter VII.) Those who had come to the Friday meetings when he was there were all in favor of it. Someone asked what he meant by evangelistic meetings. He explained to them that it was a special effort to invite people to come to hear a clear presentation of the plan of salvation. He said he was in hopes that he would soon get a response to his letter.

The next day at work Paul waited all day for his boss to say something about the cost estimate for the work Dr. Alvarez wanted done. Just a few minuets before it was time to close the shop his boss came and said, “Before you leave I want you to stop at the office. I have a cost estimate ready for you to take to your religious friend.” Paul was a little disappointed. He thought, “I wish he would at least call him Dr. Alvarez instead of my religious friend.”

The life of the parks family is similar to that of the majority of their neighbors. They all faced similar trials and had similar daily activities. In our next chapter we will learn more about the Parks Family.


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