Chapter XIV Making a Hard Decision

October 31, 2016

Chapter XIV Making a Hard Decision

When Paul came home from work he told Mary that his boss had a very unfavorable opinion of the Bible studies at the Alvarez house. “To make matters worse, he said he didn’t want anyone working for him who is involved in religion. What shall we do?”

Mary didn’t respond for a little bit. Then she said, “Perhaps we should go talk to Dr. Alvarez. If we have to stop going to the Bible studies he should know the reason why.” They left right away and went to the Alvarez house. They didn’t find him home. His wife said he should be back within a half hour. About an hour later they went back. That time they found him drinking mate in front of the house with his wife.

When they shared their problem with him he said, “Well this isn’t the first time someone has been faced with a problem like yours. It doesn’t surprise me that some don’t look with favor on what we are doing. Perhaps you could help the situation a little if you explained to your boss that we aren’t promoting a new religion. In reality, it isn’t religion at all. We are just teaching what the Bible says. To be sure, our intention is to start a church. The word religion appears very few times in the Bible. When it does, it is nearly always spoken of as a bad thing.”

Paul said, “I’m afraid it’s going to be very difficult to convince my boss of that. I don’t think he gives much importance to religion. I don’t know why he is so opposed to what you are doing.”

“Yes, I understand” said Dr. Alvarez. “I don’t know if the priest has talked to him or not. It could be that he is afraid he might lose some customers at the carpenter shop if people think he is identified with us. I have been needing some shelves made to store medicine on. Maybe I should talk to him and give him the job. Do you think that might help?”

“It might” Paul said. “Should I send him to your house to take the measurements?” “No” Dr. Alvarez said. “Most likely he wouldn’t find me home. It would be better if I go and talk to him. That way we can agree on a time when I will be at home.”

Paul and Mary were somewhat relieved when they went back home. Paul said, “Dr. Alvarez is really showing a lot of consideration for my boss in spite of all the bad things he said about him.” Mary said, “That must be another manifestation of what it means to live as a Christian. I hope we won’t have to stop going to the Bible studies. I’m learning a lot and I have a lot of respect for the Alvarez family.”

The next day Paul could hardly wait to tell his boss that Dr. Alvarez wanted to talk to him. His boss said, “If it’s about religion, I don’t want to talk to him.” Paul said “No, he has some work he wants you o do. “Well, that’s something else” He said.

You will want to read the next chapter in the story to find out what the outcome will be.


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