Chapter X Sunday Church

September 27, 2016

Chapter X Sunday Church

Paul started walking home after what seemed to him a hard day at work. He felt as though his boss lost patience with him. After he had gone a few blocks a car, called a Citroen, passed him and stopped a few meters ahead of him. Those cars, because of their shape, are often called “frog cars.” It was Dr. Alvarez who was driving it. He saw that it was Paul and stopped to ask if he could give him a ride home. Paul was thankful for the ride. Dr. Alvarez said he bought the car to have an economical means of transportation to go out and doctor the farmers sick animals.

As he was driving, Dr. Alvarez told Paul that they were going to start having a Bible study at their house on Sunday mornings. He said, “I sure hope you and your family can come.” Paul asked him if the engineer that was there recently would be leading the Bible study. He said, “No, I plan to teach the class myself and my wife is going to have a class for the children.” Paul said he would tell Mary and perhaps they would come.

When Paul got home he told Mary of his good fortune in getting a ride home. Then she told him some bad news she had for him. She said, “This morning I started to do the laundry and the pump quit on me. We don’t have water. You remember that our neighbors also depend on our pump for water.” Paul had to go and talk to the well man. He said he couldn’t come until the next afternoon.

When Charlie came home from school Mary took him with her to a neighbor’s house to get a pail of water. Therefor it was late when Mary had the evening meal ready. When Paul sat down to eat he told Mary about the Bible study the Alvarez family was going to have at their house on Sunday morning. Mary said, “Ah yes. I saw Mrs Alvarez at the grocery store this morning and she told me about it.” They were both in agreement that it would be good for them to go. For them, it was a good social outlet.

On Sunday morning the parks family arrived at the Alvarez house. Several of their neighbors were there. Before the class Dr. Alvarez announced that they planned to continue with the class every Sunday morning. He said it was still his desire to start an evangelical church in Chilecito. He told about what a blessing the church was to them when they lived in La Rioja. He said, “The church wasn’t just a social outlet for us. It strengthened us spiritually and gave us a means of helping others spiritually. Without a church here we feel like we are failing to obey a Bible command we find in Hebrews 10:25. it says, “Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as the manner of some is; but exhorting one another: and so much the more, as ye see the day approaching.” Then he said “The greatest thing about the church is that it was there that we learned that we needed to have a personal relationship with God.”

Those who had been in the Bible study conducted by the engineer that came from La Rioja could tell that Dr. Alvarez didn’t have as much Bible knowledge as the engineer had. However, he did the best he could to explain the meaning of each verse starting with the first chapter of the Gospel of John.

When he arrived at verse three they all started talking about the significance of accepting the belief that all things were created by God. Some were inclined to think that all things came into being by means of evolution. Dr. Alvarez explained some of the reasons why that theory left him without an adequate explanation of several things.

Before they realized it, two hours had gone by and the class never really came to a formal closing. The women began thinking about getting the noon meal ready and were anxious to go home. The children’s class had ended some time ago and they were playing hid and go seek in the back yard. Dr. Alvarez thanked them all for coming and invited them to come again next Sunday.

When Paul and Mary got almost home they saw smoke coming out of the house where their new neighbors lived. In our next chapter we will learn what happened.


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