Chapter VII A Bible Study

September 6, 2016

Chapter VI A Bible Study

On his way to work Paul stopped to call the doctor and ask him to come again since Priscilla was worse. The medicine they bought the night before hadn’t helped her any. When the doctor arrived he had to confess that he hadn’t made a good diagnosis of her problem. He said, “It looks like she has diphtheria like Charlie had.” He wrote a prescription for a medicine and said she better start taking it right away.

Mary sent Charlie to the pharmacy with the prescription. When he went past the Alvarez house he saw Martin outside. He stopped to talk to him and tell him where he was going. Martin offered to take him to the pharmacy on his bicycle. They were soon back with the medicine.

At 2:00 that afternoon Mary was surprised to hear someone clapping their hands in front of the house. It was Mrs. Alvarez. In her hands she had a kettle of beef noodles that she had recently cooked. She said, “I was sure sorry to hear that Priscilla also has diphtheria. I’m sure you must be busy taking care of her. I thought maybe I could give you something for your evening meal.” Mary was certainly glad for the food. While she was there, Mrs. Alvarez took advantage of the opportunity to invite her to a Bible study they planned to have Friday evening of the next week. Mary thanked her for the invitation, but she said it probably would be impossible for her to go with Priscilla sick. Mrs. Alvarez said “Ah, but it’s for the whole family. We are inviting other neighbors also.”

Paul asked permission to go home early from work because he was concerned about Priscilla. When he arrived at home he wasn’t surprised to learn that the doctor said that she had diphtheria. He suspected that was what she had. By the time he arrived Mary had succeeded in getting her temperature to come down, but she was still weak and didn’t want to eat anything.

When he sat down to eat the evening meal he was surprised to find beef noodles on the table. He asked Mary, “When did you find time to cook a good meal like this?” Then Mary told him about the visitor she had and about the invitation to the Bible study.

Paul didn’t give much importance to the Bible study. He thought, “It’s just a woman’s thing.” The next evening, however, Dr. Alvarez himself stopped by to give Paul a personal invitation. He explained to him that they planned to have a Bible study for three consecutive Friday evenings. He said that a friend of his from Catamarca was going to give the study. He also said that his friend was an engineer who worked in a mine. Paul was left with a desire to go, but he didn’t commit himself.

That night Paul expressed his concern to Mary. He said, “I don’t understand why the Alvarez family want to get involved in religion. They are good people, but I’m afraid they are going to run into a lot of opposition from the Catholic church when they find out what they are doing. In my opinion, it’s something they should leave to religious people.” “Well” Mary said, “it’s their business. It doesn’t appear to me that religion has much importance to our neighbors. I seldom hear any of them mention going to mass. I don’t think they will get much opposition if they want to have a Bible study in their house.” “I don’t know,” Paul said. “If I go it will just be for the respect I have for Dr. Alvarez.

Will they go to the Bible study? In the next chapter we will find out.


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