Chapter VI A New Book in the House

August 31, 2016

Chapter VI A New Book In The House

In the humble house of the Parks family there were no books except for Charlie and Priscilla’s school books. To entertain Charlie for a while in the mornings, while Priscilla was in school, Mary started reading to him from the New Testament that his friend, Martin, gave him. She started with the book of Matthew. The first page was just a lot of names so she skipped it and went on to the next page where it tells about the virgin birth of Christ. It was the first time she had ever read the book. As she read, Charlie stopped her occasionally to ask questions. “Who was Jesus?” he asked. “Why did so many hate him?” “Why did he go for 40 days in the wilderness without eating?” Again and again Mary had to tell him that she didn’t know how to answer his questions. The next day Mary started to read to him again. She began with chapter six. Charlie stopped her and said, “I already read chapters 6 and 7.” Therefore she read chapter 8 to him. In the afternoon, while charlie was sleeping, she picked up the book and read chapters 6-7. She didn’t want to miss any of it.

Mary told Paul that she was reading the New Testament to Charlie. “Was it interesting?” He asked. She answered, “Why don’t you read it and see what you think?” Paul didn’t say anything, but at 10:00 at night he shut the television off and picked up the book and began to read. He found it to be altogether different than what he expected. He thought it would just be some religious declaration’s that didn’t have much relation to every day life. He read the first three chapters and laid it down to get ready for bed.

The next day the carpenter shop was full of dust because of the sander his boss was using. The noise of the machines running couldn’t block from Paul’s mind the words he had read the night before in the New Testament. He thought about the words “They shall call his name Emanuel, which being interpreted, is God with us.” He asked himself if he should read more and if he was doing wrong by making light of the Things of God and if, in truth, God is with us.

That night Paul didn’t turn the television on. Instead he went to get the New Testament to read more. He didn’t find it where he left it the night before. He asked Mary if she knew where it was. She said, “Perhaps Charlie has it in his room.” He found it on a stand beside Charlie’s bed. He read until it was almost 12:00 and he couldn’t keep his eyes open any more. He had finished the book of Matthew and read the first two chapters of Mark. For the first time in his life he had given some serious consideration to the teachings of Christ. He hesitated in accepting what he read about the miracles of Christ, but he liked the way Christ spoke with parables which made clear what he was teaching.

Meanwhile Charlie and his mother kept reading the New Testament during the day. They sometimes talked about what they didn’t understand. Mary noticed that there was often repetition in the gospels. She said, “Perhaps after we read more we will understand it better.’

A few days later Priscilla came home sick from school. She had some of the same symptoms Charlie had when he came down with diphtheria. Mary was almost sure that she too had diphtheria. The next morning Paul called the doctor on his way to work. About the middle of the afternoon the doctor came by to see her. After examining her he said, “I think it is just the flu. There is a lot of it going around.” He gave Mary a prescription and said to call him again if she wasn’t better in a few days. When Paul came home from work he went to the pharmacy to get the medicine. In spite of taking the medicine, Priscilla felt even worse the next morning.

In our next chapter we will learn more about the parks family.


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