Are You Struggling With Unjustified Unbelief?

April 7, 2020

Are You Guilty of Unjustified Unbelief?

By Russell George

Many people have Christian friends who are encouraging them to trust in Christ for the forgiveness of their sins and to let God have his way in their life. They must admit that those friends are happy and seem to be living a good life. However, they say to themselves, “Oh, I don’t know. I think I’m alright. I think I’ll just go on the way I am. Most people around me think and live the way I do.”

Most people don’t struggle with unjustified unbelief. They know that there are people who don’t believe the way they do but they don’t give it much thought. Since the majority of the people in this world don’t believe like Christians do, they just accept the thinking of the majority. They don’t give any thought to the possibility that the majority might be wrong.

The thinking of many in our day is controlled by what is being called “the bandwagon effect.” It is also called “group think.” People are reluctant to accept a way of thinking that contradicts what everyone around them thinks. They fear that doing so might have a bad reflection on them. Almost without thinking, they accept the thinking of the majority.

In spite of the great advancement in knowledge that we have seen in the last century, there is still abundant evidence that the majority of people are unwilling to face reality in some areas of life. Our society is on a downward spiral that is bringing shame and hardship on a vast sector of our population. We need to take a serious look at what is causing the growing number of deaths from suicides, and alcohol and drug addictions. Why is there a growing number of homeless people living in tents on the streets of our cities? Isn’t that an indication that we are failing to prepare the coming generation to make their way in life? The only logical explanation is that the majority of people aren’t thinking right about the moral values and priorities they should have.

Back in the 1700rds in the history of our country There took place what is often called “the great awakening.” Much of the credit for it should go to servants of God who held crusades around the country and people by the thousands came and stood in the open air to hear them. They were men like John and Charles Wesley, Gilbert Tennent and George Whitefield. By their preaching people by the thousands came to the realization that they were sinners and needed to accept the forgiveness for sin that Jesus made available for them when he died on the cross. They gave their lives to God and started living the way God says we should. They came to the realization that they were unjustified in their way of thinking and needed to give God a place in their life.

As the population expanded they moved west and formed new settlements. They planted churches where they could worship God. They taught their children to have faith in God. The moral values that they practiced and promoted resulted in a peaceful and prosperous society. They had guns but no one ever thought of using them to kill people at random. There were no tent cities of homeless, abandoned people. The transformation that resulted from the great awakening continued to have an impact on society through the 1800rds. In the late 1900rds it began to be abandoned.

If you have already put your faith and trust in Christ to forgive your sin and make you a child of God, then I invite you to pray with me that we will have another great awakening. Some call it a revival.

If you are still on the bandwagon with unbelievers, I plead with you to start thinking seriously and open your eyes to the reality that we are on a downward spiral to ruin and destruction. Are you going to let things get worse without doing anything to stop it? If enough people like you will humble themselves and get on God’s side we can make a tremendous change in our society. You need to accept the fact that your negative attitude toward Biblical Christianity is unjustified.

It’s urgent. Make that decision now. Then you need to get a Bible and start reading it. You also need to find a Bible believing church and start attending it regularly. There you will find new friends who will accept you and encourage you in your walk with God. You also need to start telling your unbelieving friends on the bandwagon that you no longer believe like they do. Make a copy of this article and give it to them. Invite them to go to church with you. You will be surprised that some of them will.

If you have children, start teaching them to put their faith in God. If your children are all gone from the nest you may be able to have a good influence on your grown children and grandchildren. Turning from unbelief to faith in God is nothing to be ashamed of. Some of your old unbelieving friends may criticize you and make fun of you but in the end you will be the winner and they will be the losers. I also encourage you to read my article entitled “Unjustified Unbelief.”


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