An Invitation From Argentina

July 3, 2012


   Your invited  to go with me today and we’ll go out and pass out some gospel papers door to door here In this suburb of Buenos Aires? In each of these little papers I have stuffed an invitation to study a Bible correspondence course. We’ll take twenty five of them this time and discipline ourselves to keep going until they are all gone.

We leave the house and walk up the street to where the pavement ends. There we turn left and make our way down one of the mud streets. Some houses have door bells “but the usual way of calling the occupants to the door is to clap your hands. we clap our hands and wait for the first response. A teen-age girl comes to the door. We hand her a paper and explain to her what it is. We have hardly finished speaking before she says, “Well, thanks,” and goes back in the house. At the next two houses we find no one home,  then we pass several more houses where the papers are kindly received but the people hurry back inside.  Here is a house with a number of children playing in the yard. They all come running to the gate to see what we have. We give the paper to the girl who appears to be the oldest and most responsible and she promises to give it to her parents. We stop at two more houses leaving them a paper and a brief explanation of the plan of salvation. As we turn to leave the second house we are interrupted by the little girl to whom we had given the gospel paper.  She says, “My daddy doesn’t want it.” We suggest that she give it to her mother but she says, “My mommy doesn’t want it either.” Let’s see…She has… three little brothers with her. I think I have a few children’s tracts here that I could give them.  But first, I look around to see if there are any other neighbor children near. If they find out we are passing out something free the news will spread like fire and children will start pooping out from behind every bush and corner to beg for one for themselves and one for their little sister, and one for their grandmother, and one for Aunt Mary. There don’t appear to be other children near so I give them some tracts and they hurry home.

Here is a. man sitting in the front yard reading a newspaper. When we offer him one of our papers he looks up over his newspaper and asks, “What is it?” When we tell him he says, “I don’t want it.” We try again by saying, “But it’s free and contains some important Information about how you can go to Heaven.” Without looking up from his paper he grunts something and manifests every evidence that he is going to ignore us so we go on to the next house.  A man comes to the gate and politely refuses to accept our paper saying, “We’re Catholics.” We tell him that we are giving these to everyone and that they explain the way of salvation.  After explaining a little more of the way of salvation he softens up some and takes the paper. He asks about where our church is so we invite him to come. He says, “Maybe I will” As we start to leave he says, “Say, there is a lady who is of your religion’ who lives in the last house on the other side of the block.” We thank him for the information and tell him we’ll stop there. As we go on we make a note of his address so we can call there again.

We pass by several other houses and have the opportunity of presenting the plan of salvation to some. Here is a lady in this yard watering her plants. Let’s talk to her.  She accepts our paper, but with hesitation, saying, “Do I have to pay anything?” She has been tricked by the cults who put a booklet in people’s hands and then refuse to take it back but rather insist that they buy it. Then she asks, “Are you coming back to get it?” That’s another trick of the cults. If people accept something they take it as an invitation to come back and get it and leave then something else to read. She seems relieved to know it is hers and says, “I’11 read it.” We pass more houses until we encounter a lady who refuses to take the paper saying “I’m not Baptist.” We tell her that these are for everyone, Not just the Baptists.  Then she says, “But I have all these children to take care of and I won’t have time to read it.” She disappears around the corner of her house. Here is the house of the lady whom the man said was “of our religion.” We find however that she is an inactive member of one of the many little Pentecostal churches. There are also many former members of Pentecostal churches. They have been turned off by the shouting and excessive emotionalism.  Now they seem to have no interest in religion at all.

Let’s see, we only have three papers left. That may be enough to cover another block allowing for the fact that there may be some houses where no one will be home. We come to a yard where two ladies and three girls are seated around a crude wooden table. On the table is a plate of soda crackers, a tea kettle and a cup of sugar.  One lady has in her hand a hollowed out gourd with a metal stem sticking out of it. She puts the stem to her mouth and sucks something out of the gourd and hands it to the girl beside her. Between 5:00 and 6:00 in the evening is tea time. One often finds people eating soda crackers and sipping mate, which is what the tea is called that they put in the gourd. We give each of the ladies a paper. They thank us for them but seem anxious to continue, with the conversation we have interrupted so we go on. We are met at the next gate by a little boy. He promises to take our paper to hís parents and runs into the house with it. Since that was our last papaper we start toward home. Shortly we hear a boy running up behind us and shouting “Senor, senor”. On turning around we see that it is the little boy who had taken the paper for his parents. He is waving it in the air. He is all out of breath and with difficulty says, “They say this isn’t for us.” We explain to him that we aren’t delivering the mail but that we are giving these to everyone. He thinks for a moment, smiles and says, “Everyone in the whole world?” as he draws a big circle in the air with the paper.  We laugh and say, “Well, maybe not everyone in the whole world, but to your neighbors at least.  “Good” he says ,and runs back toward home.

As we return home our feet ache inside our dust covered shoes. Our hearts ache also for those blinded by religions that do not save or satisfy. We rejoice, however to have had the opportunity to leave a gospel paper in 25 more homes and a gospel testimony In the ears of many who had never heard the wonderful plan of salvation. In our family devotions tonight we will pray that the Lord will bless the gospel papers we have given out and thank him also for the many faithful Christians in the States who are praying for us missionaries. By the way, are you one of them?


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