An Introduction To The Beatitudes

March 18, 2017

An Introduction To The Beatitudes

Matthew 5:1-12

The beatitudes were written by Jesus for his disciples. The fact that they are included in the Bible gives us reason to think that they are meant to be for his disciples in our day as well. No doubt Jesus taught his disciples many things that aren’t included in the Bible.

To be a disciple of Jesus is to be a learner of his. Jesus taught the beatitudes to his disciples while they were seated on a mountain. Matthew 5:1-2 says “And seeing the multitudes, he went up into a mountain: and when he was set, his disciples came unto him: And he opened his mouth, and taught them, saying…” In that time it was the custom for teachers to sit while they taught. No doubt the ones being taught were also seated.

To be a disciple meant to be a follower. That meant that they followed the teaching of someone. In II Corinthians 11:1 the Apostle Paul asked people to be his followers. “Be ye followers of me, even as I also am of Christ.” If we are followers of a man it doesn’t mean that we accept his teaching as divine. Since Jesus was God, we should accept his teaching as divine. Therefor to be a follower of Jesus demands a higher level of submission.

The beatitudes are lessons in regard to the attitudes we should have in regard to certain issues of life. There are times when we are obligated to mourn. It is never a pleasant experience. There is a right and wrong way to react to it. The wrong way is with anger. Some turn their anger towards God. Some direct their anger towards the doctor or others who did or didn’t do what they could have or should have. Anger doesn’t change the reality in any way and increases the stress that we suffer.

The proper attitude for the Christian to have in time of mourning is to call upon God for the consolation that only he can give. II Corinthians 1:3-4 says “Blessed be God, even the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of mercies, and the God of all comfort; Who comforteth us in all our tribulation, that we may be able to comfort them which are in any trouble, by the comfort wherewith we ourselves are comforted of God.” We must accept the fact that God has the right to take our life, and that of others, when he chooses. The proper attitude in time of mourning will greatly minimized the grief that is always part of suffering loss.

We also need the proper attitude regarding ourselves. Romans 12:3 says “For I say, through the grace given unto me, to every man that is among you, not to think of himself more highly than he ought to think; but to think soberly, according as God hath dealt to every man the measure of faith.”

The meek don’t think of themselves more highly than they should. The meek are not easily offended when someone is preferred above them. They find it easier to give thanks to God in everything. I Thessalonians 5:18 says “In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.” The meek have the attitude that enables them to accept and adjust to the situations they face in life.

We also need to have the right attitude in regard to righteousness. A disregard for righteousness causes many to do things that get them in trouble. There are no laws against doing right, but there are against doing wrong. Many times doing right demands more effort and sacrifice, but in the end we will be rewarded for it. The attitude we should have enables us to say, “I’m going to do what is right regardless.”

Persecution is another issue that demands that we have the right attitude. If we have surrendered our life to the will of God he has a right to allow to come what he wills. Psalm 37:1-3 tells us what our attitude should be when we suffer because of evildoers. “Fret not thyself because of evildoers, neither be thou envious against the workers of iniquity. For they shall soon be cut down like the grass, and wither as the green herb. Trust in the LORD, and do good; so shalt thou dwell in the land, and verily thou shalt be fed.” The time will come when God will settle his accounts. At that time the evildoers will be cut down like the grass and wither. The time will also come when the righteous will receive the desires of their hearts.

God hasn’t promised to any of us that our life will be a bed of roses. Some suffer because of the wrong they have done. Bad things also happen to good people. The beatitudes help us have the attitude we should have as we go through life. The attitudes taught in the beatitudes will enable us to rejoice when we should rejoice and endure and go on trusting God in times of suffering. The beatitudes will enable us to be properly armed for what may come in life.


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