A Fortunate Father

June 26, 2020

A Fortunate Father

By Russell George

I am a fortunate father. I would like to tell you why. My wife, Margaret and I have six children. We owe our good fortune to God and to our children for the good decisions they have made in choosing their mates and being yielded to the Lord.

On the 15th of September, 2017, I had what I thought was an upset stomach. Several times in the afternoon I had to rush to the bathroom to vomit. I didn’t think it was anything serious, but they tell me that later in the evening I fainted. I was rushed to the hospital by ambulance. When they got me to the hospital, studies showed that I had sepsis. They put me in an induced coma. After three days I woke up. I was groggy. I couldn’t talk because I had a breathing tube down my throat. I realized that three of my sons were in the room at my side. Again and again, as I lay in the bed in the emergency room, I thanked God for my three sons who cared enough to leave everything and make a one day trip to be at my side. Fortunate is the man who has children who would be willing to do that for their father.

After our first child was born, I left Margaret and the baby in the hospital. When I got back to our little apartment, I fell on our bed and burst into tears. They were tears of gratitude, but also because I felt overwhelmed by the responsibility of being a father. In the subsequent years, God added to us four sons and another daughter. Each child gave us additional burdens to bear, but also some tremendous blessings.

Most of our children spent a few of their early years in a Christian school. For the most part, however, they were home schooled. four of them went on to get a college degree. It is a great satisfaction to me that all six of our children have continued walking in the paths of the Lord. Three of them are in full time Christian service. Now I would like to share something about each one.

I’ll start with Debra, our first child, and go on with the rest. Debra enrolled in a Christian college where she was trained to be a teacher. After she graduated, she spent one and a half years teaching in a Christian school. Then she returned to Argentina as a single missionary and to help many missionaries there who were home schooling their children. She did that for 26 years. She lived with us and was a tremendous help. After we retired from the mission field, she stayed on in Argentina until God brought Steven Anner into her life. He had been a missionary in Mexico until his first wife died. He has been a blessing to us. He and Debra are now missionaries to Honduras.

Then there is Kevin. He has a special ability to work with electronic things. He has designed and now manufactures a kit that he sells to airports that enables them to test the flight instruments on small airplanes. He married a girl in the Bible college he attended for four years. He had two sons by her before she died. Then he went to Argentina and married Diana, a girl who grew up in the second church we started there. He had seven more children by her.

He and his family moved to Paraguay with intentions of opening a creation museum there. That never materialized, but in the time they spent there they won a number of people to the Lord who still keep in contact with them. While he was in Paraguay he continued manufacturing and selling his airplane testing kits. He had a lot of problems importing parts he needed for them so they moved back to the States. They now live in northeastern Texas.

After him is Brian. He married Liesl, a girl he met in the Bible college he attended. After he graduated from Bible college, he felt called to go back to Argentina as a missionary. After raising support, they went to Argentina and have worked there for many years in a Bible institute and helping students start churches. They have five children.

Then comes Darrell. He spent two years in Bible college. He married Alma, a girl he met in El Paso, Texas. She speaks Spanish, our adopted language. He has spent 27 years serving our country. He spent 7 years in the Army and is now retiring after spending 20 years working with the Border Patrol. They have one daughter.

After him is Calvin. While getting more training after he had been serving the Lord full-time, he met Jennifer, who was a single missionary. They were married and have continued to serve the Lord in reaching Hispanics with a special burden for Cuba. He has made several trips to Cuba where he preaches in the underground churches and teaches classes to pastors. They have four children. They now live in the Rio Grand Valley of Texas where he teaches in a Bible college.

Last of all is Priscilla. After she finished high school, she enrolled in a Bible college in the States. Since she was born and raised in Argentina, she found it extremely difficult to adapt to the North American culture. She came back to Argentina and lived with us and helped us until she married Javier Callisaya. Javier was the architect who drew the plans for the last church we started in Argentina. He started attending the church. He is dearly loved by our family. They have one daughter. They still live in Argentina where Javier teaches classes on the building trade and Priscilla teaches English classes.

With a family like that, how can I help but feel fortunate? Margaret and I don’t take the credit for it. We give it all to the Lord. Ephesians 6:4 says, “And, ye fathers, provoke not your children to wrath: but bring them up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord.” We tried our best to do that. I have known others who, to all appearances, were good parents, but some or all of their children have been a disappointment to them. You see, every child has a mind of his own. They are free to make their own decisions. They can choose to abandon the good teaching they received from their parents and go the way of the world.

It has always been my desire to, with God’s help, leave this world a better place than it would be if I hadn’t been here. Imagine how much better world this would be if all men had that desire and succeeded in leaving their children with that desire.

If you feel that you have been a disappointment to your father, you could make him extremely happy this Father’s Day by repenting of your waywardness and getting right with God. In any case, Father’s Day is a time to tell your father what he means to you and thank him for all he has invested in your life. Don’t neglect to do that.


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