A Contrast Between Education And Indoctrination

November 23, 2013

A Contrast Between Education And Indoctrination

            Indoctrination is the teaching of an ideology.  An ideology is a body of beliefs.  By means of indoctrination, people are taught to think in a certain way.  The word “indoctrination” has acquired a negative connotation. The main reason for that is because it is being practiced in places where it is out of place.  Indoctrination, for the most part, isn’t wrong.  The only thing negative about it is that the person being indoctrinated is often expected to accept what he is being taught, without questioning, or critically examining it.  Indoctrination teaches people to believe something without telling them why they should believe it.

When children attend a Christian or Catholic school we have every right to expect that they will be indoctrinated in the Christian faith or the Catholic religion.  That is the school’s privilege.  Indoctrination is out of place in a public school.  Parents send their children to a public school to be educated, not indoctrinated.  If they are being indoctrinated in a public school, they are being taught to accept a body of beliefs without the approval of the tax payers, who are paying for it.  In a Christian or Catholic school, parents expect that their children will receive both, education and indoctrination.

Ideologies are based on what is accepted as truth; that which must be accepted without question.  Sometimes what is put forth as absolute truth is a person such as Buda.  Sometimes it is a book such as the Bible or the Koran.  Sometimes it is a creed such as humanism, that says that man is capable of solving all his problems without the help of God.  Sometimes it is a political creed like socialism that believes society must be controlled by big government.

Indoctrination is often an attempt to lower the moral standards of children.  One avenue of doing that is by means of “sex education.” Children are being taught to tolerate immorality.  Homosexuality and lesbianism are declared to be acceptable life styles.  In some schools, boys are being told, “If you feel like being a girl, you have permission to go into the girl’s locker room or bath rooms.”  Girls are told the same thing.  A boy may feel like being a girl, but his anatomy testifies to the contrary.  The same is true for the girls.  Christians parents, is that what you want for your children?  Christian parents show a great lack of character if they allow their children to be subjected to that kind of indecency and indignity.

In Psalm 32:8-9 we find a contrast between education and indoctrination.  “I will instruct thee and teach thee in the way which thou shalt go: I will guide thee with mine eye.  Be ye not as the horse, or as the mule, which have no understanding: whose mouth must be held in with bit and bridle, lest they come near unto thee.”  Education is found in verse eight.  The word “education” isn’t found in the Bible, but the equivalent of it is found in the words instruct and teach.  Have you ever heard of an animal educator?  Most likely not, but there are animal trainers.  Animals are trained to respond to stimulus.  Horses and mules respond to the stimulus of the bit in their mouth.  They respond in hopes of a reward, or possibly a whip across their rear.  In like manner, people are being taught to respond.  Instead of teaching people that it’s to their advantage to put their seat belts on, they are obligated by law to do it.  If they don’t, they may have to pay a fine.  Instead of teaching people that they can save money by using energy efficient light bulbs, the law banns incandescent bulbs.  People are being taught that, instead of thinking and making their own decisions, they should just accept decisions that have been made for them by supposed intellectuals.

Education, on the other hand, teaches people how to think and make intelligent decisions.  True education imparts knowledge and teaches students to arrive at a logical conclusion, based on the knowledge they have acquired.

Knowledge is based on facts.  The fact that Mohamad lived and said a certain thing is not sufficient.  We need to be able to prove, beyond reason of doubt, that what he said is true.  Theory or opinion does not fall under the category of absolute truth.

Christians indoctrinate people to accept the Bible as divine truth.  They don’t demand that people accept it blindly.  By observation, and the study of church history, people can see that obedience to what the Bible teaches contributes to well-being and a prosperous society.  Genuine Christians don’t just obey God because they are told to.  It is done out of love because of their knowledge of what God has done for them.

Schools are not always to blame when children aren’t educated.  Some children are so undisciplined that they can’t be educated.   They are undisciplined because they were never disciplined and taught to obey.  A child’s education must begin in the home.  Some children are a basket case before they start to school.

The choices many of our young people are making is a clear indication of their lack of education.  They choose pleasure for the moment; oblivious of future consequences.

Parents, if you love your children, you will want them to get a good education. It doesn’t start when you send them to school.  It starts with you.    Teach them to obey and respect you.  Teach them to think.  Be selective in the school where you send them.  Many public schools offer more indoctrination than education.  Is that what you want for your children?  They are being taught to accept anti-biblical philosophy.  Don’t be indifferent.  The future of your children depends on the choices you make for them.

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