Chapter XXIX The New Baptist Church Has A Pastor During the week several from the church stopped at the carpenter shop to talk to Paul. They wanted to know how he planned to vote on Sunday. All were Read more
Chapter XXVII The Denominations The new church was uncertain about whether they wanted to invite Ralph to be their pastor since he wanted to make it a Baptist church. They were all new Christians and Read more
Chapter XXVIII Two Decisions Facing The Church On Saturday morning Paul and Mary talked about the church as they drank mate together. Paul asked, “Could it be that we are Baptists and just haven’t Read more
Chapter XXVI What Is a Baptist Church? Ralph said that if he was to be the pastor of the new church one requirement would be that it be a Baptist church. Even though Dr Alvarez considered himself a Read more
Chapter XXV The Potential New Pastor We are going to skip about a month of what happened in the life of the Parks family. It was just life as usual for them anyway. We want to get on to the arrival Read more
Chapter XXIV A Discipline Problem On Sunday, after the Bible study, Dr. Alvarez proceeded with the matter of forming the directive committee. A number of the men raised their hands to say they were willing Read more
Chapter XXII Should Paul Rent The Store Front? Paul needed to make a decision. He had finished the chests of drawers that the owner of their house wanted. The owner had given him permission to keep Read more
Chapter XXI The New Carpenter Shop By Tuesday of the next week the man had everything ready at the store front for Paul to start working on the chests of drawers he wanted made. Paul had to make three Read more

Chapter XX God Provides

December 13, 2016

Chapter XX God Provides After losing his job, the thing Paul was most concerned about was how they were going to be able to pay their rent. He always had a good relationship with the owner of the house Read more