Investing In Law Breakers What is your attitude toward prisoners? Many are of the opinion that Christian workers would be wasting their time ministering to prisoners. Often even their own family members Read more

The Best Way To Help A Fool

November 25, 2016

The Best Way To Help A Fool Many are grieving about a son or daughter; grandson or granddaughter, who is making foolish mistakes and they long to help them. Perhaps they have tried to help them, but Read more

Help Wanted

April 18, 2016

                                      Help Wanted Our society is in great need of people who are willing to give of their time to help hurting  people.  We have Read more

God’s Little Messengers

February 24, 2016

                     God’s Little Messengers By “little messengers” we mean gospel tracts. They are little gospel messengers in paper format.  It is an economical and effective Read more

The Truth About Psychology

January 23, 2016

                                The Truth About Psychology When I was a young man it seemed as though no one had any doubts about the merits of psychology.   Over the Read more

The Missionary Mandate

January 14, 2016

                                         The Missionary Mandate           God’s people have been given the mandate to evangelize the world. That involves Read more
         The Manifestation Of A Genuine Conversion If you are truly saved you will reveal it by the way you live. You will want to tell others about it, but they should know it, whether you Read more

Pastors Work Hard

August 2, 2014

Pastors Work Hard             You may think that the pastor of a local church has an easy life.  That isn’t true of pastors who are honestly fulfilling their role.  To help you see what Read more

Youth Evangelism

May 19, 2014

Youth Evangelism             Pastors, churches and Christians need to wake up to the urgency of reaching young people with the gospel.  The youth are the future of our churches.  Without Read more

The Protestants

January 10, 2014

The Protestants             Who are the Protestants? Sometimes people say, “We aren’t Protestants.  We aren’t protesting against anything.” Perhaps that’s true, but could it be that Read more